Asset Protect

Included in Tier 1.

With our asset protection plan “Airframe Aware” you can rest easy knowing qualified professionals are

    • Monitoring and maintaining your aircraft.
    • Full collaboration with our flight department scheduling and maintenance timing.
    • Notifications of all upcoming Due items for your aircraft.
Included in Tier 2.
    • Complete vendor compliance and oversight including; Drug program | Training | Approved data | Tooling | Housing
    • Comprehensive logbook entry oversight and auditing
    • Records retention and audit support
    • Technical AOG/MRT support
General Asset Protect details
    • Assets will be Hangered and Maintained at Dallas Love Field Airport (KDAL)

    • Perform Engine Runs – Operate Systems, Avionics and check Pressures and Fluids every 15 Days
    • All Logbook Entries per Maintenance Manual Requirements

    • Track Maintenance Items Coming Due and Consult Customer monthly

    • Assist during Showings to Include Power Cart and Lighting

    • Update Aircraft Status as Necessary

Scheduled/Unscheduled Inspection Maintenance
    • All Scheduled Maintenance Inspections will be quoted in advance with competitive industry flat rates
    • An estimate will be provided for all discrepancies and only those approved by CUSTOMER will be worked
    • Discrepancies and all maintenance will be at a rate of Shop $115/hr. – Avionics $140/HR
    • All required parts and outside services will be at Cost + 15%
    • All work performed will be in accordance with the manufacture’s maintenance manuals and industry standard practices, with return to service per RBR Aviation’s 145 requirements
    • All relevant documentation will be incorporated into the aircraft records, including any third-party tracking information
    • Unscheduled maintenance travel expenses are not covered in the monthly fee