RBR Maintenance, Inc. Offering Flat-Rate Pricing On Aileron Rebalancing For Hawker 800 With API Winglets

RBR-Winglet Install 2 HR

RBR Maintenance, Inc recently announced they have rebalanced the ailerons on a Hawker 800 as a solution for the Airworthiness Directive released by the FAA for 800-series Hawker aircraft equipped with Aviation Partners (API) winglets. This is the first time RBR has completed this rebalancing solution, and they are now offering a flat-rate pricing of $6,000 plus paint, for any operator who needs the service completed.

In May 2013, Aviation Partners, Inc. issued Service Bulletin SBH-13-001 which instructed operators with winglet-equipped 800-series Hawkers to limit maximum permissible altitude to 34,000 feet. The service bulletin came in response to instances of reported vibrations and aileron/wing oscillations. Shortly after, the FAA issued the Airworthiness Directive calling for operators to comply with the service bulletin within 45 days. Winglett Install 7 HRHowever, after much analysis, API found that rebalancing the ailerons to a new tolerance forward of the hinge line offers a solution to the vibration and oscillation problem, and once complete, allows operators to remove the 34,000 foot limitation in accordance with AMOC Letter from Seattle ACO, after notifying the appropriate Principle Inspector at their local FSDO.

“We are proud to be one of the first to complete this modification and to offer the solution to our customers,” said Joe Burch, President, RBR Maintenance, Inc. “More and more operators are going to need this service if they want to lift the altitude limitation and we are offering a great flat-rate pricing package for this service.”

Aileron rebalancing can be done stand-alone or during other scheduled maintenance. Lead time is based on kit availability with aircraft downtime being five business days.  To learn more about RBR’s flat-rate pricing, contact James Noe at 817-614-9513.

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